Lowongan: Admin and Logistics Officer (Yogyakarta) – CARDI

Admin and Logistics Officer (Yogyakarta)
Sunday, 03 June 2007


Founded in 2001, CARDI (the Consortium for Assistance and Recovery towards Development in Indonesia) is a coalition of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the Dutch refugee foundation Stichting Vluchteling (SV) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). CARDI’s clients are Indonesians affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in the provinces of Aceh, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Central Sulawesi, Maluku and North Maluku. By investing in Economic Development, Health and Children and Youth Initiatives, CARDI’s support provides resources that enable Indonesians to articulate their needs, advocate for change and affect improvements in their lives through social and economic entrepreneurship. CARDI also equips its clients with the ability to recover from disasters and conflicts, and prevent the reoccurrence of future conflicts, through Disaster Response and Mitigation programming. Four strategic, cross-cutting approaches—Advocacy, Rights, Good Governance and Gender—are evident in all CARDI programs, and ensure that change is both durable and sustainable. While still addressing basic needs for displaced populations and returnees, CARDI increasingly provides transitional, post-conflict recovery and development programs.


Under the supervision of the CARDI Field Coordinator, the Admin and Logistics Officer will be responsible for the all Logistics management related tasks for the CARDI School Recovery and Readiness in Earthquake-Affected Communities in Yogyakarta.



* Carry out overall administrative tasks for the office(s) in conjunction with the Field Coordinator
* Preparation of monthly payroll, taxes and benefits for Yogyakarta CARDI staff;
* Ensure the validity of official documents, including but not limited to international staff visas and work permits;
* Arrange and manage travel for CARDI staff;
* Coordinate and collaborate with Jakarta office on general administrative issues;
* Develop and maintain appropriate and confidential personnel filing system for all CARDI employees;
* Ensure that all CARDI staff are trained on, and comply with CARDI personnel policies. This ongoing commitment to staff communication should of course include changes and updates to all personnel and administrative policies;
* Working in collaboration with the Field Coordinator, ensure that all CARDI staff receive training upon CARDI’s Code of Conduct. Ensure that all CARDI staff have signed a training completion note, and that these notes are kept on each staffers personnel file;
* Coordinate staff recruitment and prepare all necessary documents (contracts, insurance, taxes, etc.) for the hiring of all new CARDI staff;
* To liaise with Jakarta office for staff’s health insurance reimbursement process, report of staff movement and monitoring its claim;
* Other duties that may arise and are necessary for the functioning of the office as assigned by supervisor.


* Responsible for all local procurement of CARDI project equipment, materials and supplies. The Logistics Officer should ensure compliance with the CARDI procurement policy at all stages of supply or equipment procurement, storage, distribution and use. The Logistics Officer should establish efficient filing systems in accordance with CARDI procurement policy.
* Working closely with the Field Coordinator ensure collaboration with owners of rental properties (office, car, etc.) and service providers (telecommunications, etc.) to ensure that CARDI retains access to cost efficient and operationally appropriate facilities and services. Ongoing attention should be given to the appropriate maintenance of CARDI facilities.

Asset Management

* Develop, maintain and publish an Asset register that effectively tracks the ownership and use of all CARDI assets. Compliance with the CARDI’s procurement and warehousing policy should be ensured at all times.
* To ensure that all CARDI Assets and Properties are insured with a reputable and reliable insurance company.
* Implement and manage Warehouse management systems that will efficiently and accountably record the presence and distribution of all CARDI supplies according to CARDI’s procurement and warehousing policy.
* Working in collaboration with CARDI program staff plan and implement efficient distribution systems ensuring that program supplies are delivered and received in accordance with CARDI’s procurement and warehousing policy.

Vehicle Management

* Ongoing supervision and training of drivers based on internal CARDI policies and procedures.
* Responsible for vehicle management, including fuel, part consumption and service scheduling and ongoing movement records according to CARDI Vehicle Management policies.
* Ensure that all staff and supply movement and transportation requirements are met in a timely and efficient manner through forward planning and appropriate asset coordination. Planning should rely on CARDI’s Procurement & Warehousing and Vehicle Management Policies.

Security Management

* Supervise the effective work of guards and other security measures implemented according to CARDI’s Security Management Plan for Indonesia.
* Liaise with local UN and Indonesian Authorities to gain information about security incidents that occur within CARDI’s area of operations.

Facility Management

* Procure and Manage all office supplies and equipment consumables.
* Facilitate payment of utility bills for offices and houses in a consistently timely manner;

Staff Orientation and Management

* Orientation of all new CARDI staff on Logistic procedures
* Ensure that all Logistics staff are aware and operate in compliance with CARDI’s Code of Conduct policies.
* Ensure regular communication and information sharing through weekly operations staff meetings.
* Other duties as requested by supervisor


* Two years in admin, logistics and procurement experience in humanitarian aid programs.
* Strong task management skills including attention to detail
* Knowledge of and adherence to INGO Code of Conduct.
* Proficiency in English (spoken and written)
* Computer literate in MS Word and MS Excel and E-mail
* Ability to work in and contribute to team building environment.
* Ability to cope with more than one task at the same time and as part of a team as well as to work autonomously when required
* Able to work with all levels within the organization
* Able to use initiative and make appropriate decisions
* Highly responsible, reliable, honest and punctual.
* Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills

To Apply

Please apply for this position by emailing recruitment@cardi.or.id_CLOAKING All applicants must cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three (3) references

Job Title: Admin and Logistics Officer . Date: June 2007
Report To: Field Coordinator . Submitted by: Field Coordinator
Location: Yogyakarta . Approved by: Country Director
Length: 5 Months


2 Responses to Lowongan: Admin and Logistics Officer (Yogyakarta) – CARDI

  1. leo hiradetyara berkata:

    Mohon lanjutan CV ke cardi, dan kapan di hubungi.


  2. leo_hiradetyara berkata:

    apa email address recruitment@cardi.or.id_CLOCKING dah benar? Saya dah coba email tp belumada report..?

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