Lowongan: Report Writer and Knowledge Sharing Facilitator (GEF-SGP Indonesia)

Report Writer and Knowledge Sharing Facilitator

1. Background:

The South-South Grants Facility was established by the Special Unit in 2005 to facilitate the implementation of grants programmes and to enable Southern Countries contributors to pool resources in South-South cooperation that would support specific community development agents on initiatives tailored to local needs. The SSGF intends to support some of the most difficult issues in development such as disaster management. In this context, grants are an important way to complement large national recovery plans with small-scale local action.

Based on the contributions mobilized from developing countries towards the tsunami recovery, SSGF Phase I provided grants to support community work addressing livelihood recovery & development in the four most affected countries: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand.

After reviewing the good quality outcomes and results of Phase I, it was, decided in 2006 to extend the SSGF for another year, named Phase II, with increased contributions to the programme. India was included in this Phase.

After Phase II, the resources mobilized for the programme are mostly spent or committed. Therefore it is important to document the activities supported by the programme, identify the main lessons learned and to share the relevant experiences. The knowledge sharing process will be further strengthened by combining it with the additional concerns for raising the visibility of the programme accomplishments and creating information adequate to mobilize further partnerships.

The UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme Indonesia is the partner of SSGF in providing services for this small grants mechanism with scope of work in Aceh and Jogjakarta. As one of the oldest existing small granting mechanisms in tsunami-affected countries, the SSGF benefited from the spirit of voluntarism of the the National Steering Committee, rosters of experts, and existing networks to make the programme efficient and non-bureaucratic.

Currently, our team required further assistance for report writer and knowledge sharing facilitator that will therefore produce:

1. A consolidated report of the activities supported by the SSGF (phase I and II) for each country;

2. A volume of the series Sharing Innovative Experiences (SIE) focused on Successful experiences on livelihood development in communities affected by the tsunami (Aceh and Nias) and earthquake (Yogyakarta) , collecting 25-30 best case; and,

3. A collection of video documentaries, one for each country and one with a consolidated overview of the programme.

The publication of the Sharing Innovative Experiences volume involves:

1. the selection of the a number of best cases by a local editorial board for each country

2. the presentation of the selected cases in a international workshop (in English);

3. the write up of the final version;

Some of those best cases will be further chosen by a video producer appointed by the Special Unit for the production of one documentary per country (5-7 minutes) and video documentary for the overall SSGF programme.

2. Deliverables:

The “Report Writer and Knowledge Sharing Facilitator” will support the objectives outlined above by producing the following deliverables for a country:

1. Production of the official country report for SSGF phases I and II presenting a summary of all supported cases, in English and in line with common guidelines;

2. Selection of the ten (10) best cases to be submitted for selection by the editorial board in partnership with the GEF SGP Indonesia team;

3. Write up the paper of the selected 10 best cases that may represent the country in the SSGF Global workshop, in English, in the format used by the SIE series.

4. Liaise with and support the Producer of the video documentaries appointed by the Special Unit;

5. Liaise with and support GEF SGP Indonesia team for thorough coordination;

6. Liaise with communities and stakeholders for the production of the video documentaries, supporting the documentary Producer;

7. Support communities on the preparations for their participation on the SSGF Global workshop in English, bridging the local languages (including elaboration of PowerPoint presentations);

8. Participation on the SSGF Global workshop to share and consolidate the reports with the counterparts from the other countries;

9. Write up the post workshop fully revised paper for inclusion in the SIE publication and update the paper as requested or recommended by the reviewer and editor;

3. Timeline:

The deliverables above will be produced in the period beginning on 15 June 2007 to 31 September 2007 on part time basis. The appointed facilitator shall regularly deliver reports to GEF SGP Indonesia based on the future agreement.

4. Special Conditions:

1. The writer transfer all rights, including copyright, to UNDP allowing exclusive rights of reproduction, distribution, public display, and modification of the original work without consultation to the original writer;

2. The provider understands that he/she will be working with local communities and is committed to high standards of conduct, in particular with respect to cultural diversity and gender;

3. The provider should demonstrate adequate life and health insurance coverage during the terms of this contract; all insurances are full responsibility of the provider.

5. Professional requirements:

1. Sound English writing skills and experience including UN standards;

2. Sound previous experience in working with communities, in particular with respect to diversity and gender required by UN code of conduct;

3. Ability to communicate proficiently in the required local languages.

6. Submission:

Please send CV to info@sgp-indonesia.org or dwi@sgp-indonesia.org not later than June 12, 2007.

Catharina Dwihastarini
GEF-SGP Indonesia
Jl. Hang Lekir VI No 1, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12120, Indonesia
Phone : (62 21) 720 6125 or 726 6341
Fax: (62 21) 722 09 05
Email: dwi@ybul.or.id atau dwi@sgp-indonesia.org
Website : http://www.sgp-indonesia.org
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