Lowongan: GFS Accounts Manager (Aceh, IDEP)

GFS Accounts Manager
Location of placement: Banda Aceh
Length of contract: 1 year (with possible extension)

DOWNLOAD: the complete job description

Overview: The Accounts Manager will be responsible for providing direction and leadership in the management, control, and reporting of unrestricted and / or restricted financial affairs, endowment, and / or agency funds. He/She will perform and supervise various accounting functions and direct the accounting and reporting system activities such as; receivables payables, processing. He/She will insure accurate financial transaction posting, statement preparation and financial reporting. They are also responsible for project cash flow requirements and managing cash investment and bank balances to meet the organization’s needs.

Skills requirement:

* Minimum 5 years experience in non-profit organization accounting.
* Knowledge of budgeting, cost estimating, finance, accounting, budgeting, cost control procedures, fiscal management principles and procedures.
* Knowledge of computerized information systems and software used in financial and / or accounting applications to quantify and illustrate complex financial reports, comparisons, impacts, and / or projections.
* Attention to details and accurate records management skills.
* Outstanding financial skills, including the ability to prepare detailed and complex financial reports, as required by the funding bodies within the specified time frame and as specified in the Deed and variations to that Deed.
* Ability to foster a cooperative work environment and to communicate information and ideas in speaking and writing in a way that others will understand.
* Self motivated with good communications skills, fluent spoken and written in English language (desirable)



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