The International Symposium on Disaster in Indonesia: Problem and Solution (Padang, 26-28 Juli 2007)

The International Symposium on Disaster in Indonesia: Problem and Solution.
Padang, 26 – 28 Juli 2007


The series of natural disasters especially earthquake and its following that happened in Indonesia recently have been worldwide interest. To understand these natural phenomena, a number of studies relating to the cause of disaster have been done as well as its impact to the surrounding. Some partial reports also have been published in scientific seminars, conferences and mass media, however there is no comprehensive discussion among all disaster stakeholders such as researchers, disaster managers, NGO, donors, construction service industries etc. This symposium is arranged to discuss and to share information regarding disaster in Indonesia and to find out the best solutions to reduce the impacts (loss and damage) for future hazard. Experiences of the other countries are also welcome as comparative inputs in this symposium.


To review disaster management system in Indonesia, include studies of the cause of disaster especially earthquake and its following, operational of disaster software and hardware infrastructures, developing effective and efficient disaster management system, risk assessment and infrastructure management, and post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction.


Pangeran Beach hotel, Jl. Ir, H. Juanda no. 79, Padang.


Steering Comittee:

Gamawan Fauzi (Governor of West Sumatra)
Marlis Rahman (Vice Governor of West Sumatra)
Musliar Kasim (Rector of Andalas University)
Fauzi Bahar (Major of Padang City)
Airlangga Hartarto (Chairman PII)
M.Said Didu (Vice Chairman PII)

Scientific Comittee

Febrin Anas Ismail (Andalas University-Indonesia)
Kerry Sieh (California Institute of Technology, USA)
Danny Hilman (Geotecnology LIPI-Indonesia)
Krishna Pribadi (ITB-Indonesia)
Subandono (Dept. Ocean and Fishery-Indonesia)
Hery Harjono (LIPI-Indonesia)
Hiroshi Kuramoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Pierre-Marie Sarrant (CoRisk International-France)
Ernst. R. Flueh (IFM GEOMAR, Germany)
Bogardi (United Nation University- EHS, Germany)

Organizing Comittee

Zaidir (Chairman)
Insannul Kamil (Vice Chairman)
Abdul Hakam (Member)
Hendra Gunawan (Member)
Benny Hidayat (Member)
Fauzan (Member)
Gunawarman (Member)
Jafril Tanjung (Member)
Hendra gunawan(Member)
Patra Rina Dewi (Member)
Roni Trinoveta (Member)
Taufika Ophiyandri (Member)
Willy Wicaksono (Member)
Yossafra (Member)
Nidya Sari (Member)
Diah Tyahaya Iman (Member)
Desrio Putra (Member)
Masrifah Aini (Member)
Revanche Jefrizal (Member)
Nasir Sonni (Member)
Rizki Aziz (Member)

Faculty of Engineering Andalas University,
Kampus Unand Limau Manih
Pauh, Padang 25163.
Phone: (+62)-(751)-72497 (att: Ms Anik, Ms. Nidya Sari)
Fax : (+62)-(751)-72566


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