Construction Manager – Housing and Infrastructure (Aceh, CARE Canada)

Construction Manager – Housing and Infrastructure

CARE Canada

Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh)
Closing date: 24 Jun 2007
Job Description

Contract start date: As soon as possible
Contract duration: 12 months
Report to: Engineering and Construction Program Manager (Housing / Infrastructure)

Minimum Qualification:

Bachelors Degree in Engineering or associated discipline, or alternatively minimum 10 years experience in supervisonal role in residential / housing / Infrastructure construction.


Minimum 10 years experience in construction, preferably residential / housing / Infrastructure construction. Additionally knowledge of Watsan as it applies to residential / housing / Infrastructure construction will be favourably considered.

Additional Skills:

High level of understanding in Microsoft office Suite namely, Word, Excel, Outlook, and some experience in Access. Ideally experienced in Microsoft Project and AutoCAD or similar.

High level of communication skills and the ability to communicate in spoken and written English preferred. Additionally ability to speak and write Acehenese considered favourably.

The ability to coordinate and manage site staff and handle independent contractors within a construction environment.

An understanding of the Contractor / Sub Contractor system and understand the contractual and negotiation procedures required by this system.


The successful applicant will have the following responsibilities and core job descriptors.
– Manage the work outputs of senior site engineers, and through them site engineers, site supervisors, work gangs and contractors to meet agreed housing / infrastructure construction targets. Ensure compliance with the relevant Job Descriptors.
– Liaise and work with the Quality Assurance /Quality Control advisor, Manager Planning and Design and Contract Administration to ensure construction targets are achieved within design and quality parameters. Manage with the assistance of the contract administration staff the negotiation and payment of suppliers contractors and work gangs. Participate in tender processes and bid selection procedures.
– Have oversight of the construction team and their progress within agreed timeframes and be responsible for ensuring compliance with plans and specifications and the relevant building codes (Indonesian Building Code as it applies to Earthquake Regions, Draft Aceh, Building Code and other codes as nominated). Ensure that all work complies with CARE International Indonesia desired outcomes.
– Manage and further develop the reporting systems in accordance with CARE International Indonesia procedures. Manage the development and refinement of CARE International Indonesia construction systems.
– Manage the implementation and awareness of workplace safety and quality assurance within the workplace.
– Report on and manage budgets associated with the construction works program as conducted by CARE International Indonesia.
– Maintain an overview of all aspects of onsite construction.
– Assist in the liaison between the beneficiaries and CARE International Indonesia and develop an understanding of conflict resolution within the local community.
Vacancies Contact
If you are interested in this position, please apply online at (employment sector) or at Please note, you will need to register before applying for the position.
We will appreciate all responses to this ad but due to the volume of applications, we will contact only the short-listed candidates.
Reference Code: RW_746LSJ-97


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