Consultant – Gender and Livelihoods Expert (Aceh – Nias, Oxfam GB)

Consultant – Gender and Livelihoods Expert

Oxfam Great Britain
Aceh and Nias tsunami response programme

Location: Indonesia (Aceh Jaya and Nias island)
Closing date: 05 Jul 2007

Job Description


The consultant will be in charge of conducting a research on women’s economic empowerment in Aceh Jaya and Nias Island, Indonesia.


In the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake that struck Aceh and Nias, many women entered the labor force in order to respond to the impoverishment of their family. With increased care responsibilities, many of them still managed to find some form of employment, mainly in jobs with little upward mobility and small profit margins. Nevertheless, men are still widely considered as the breadwinners while women juggle with income generating activities and family tasks, which are seen as their top most priority.

These social norms impact on their participation into the labor force. Facing horizontal and vertical labor market segregation, women find it harder to access non-traditional, income rewarding activities. Another impact of these social perceptions is that women and men benefit from unequal access to and control over material and financial assets.

Therefore, even though the economic role of women and men has been altered since the disaster, there is no evidence that this change in gender roles has improved women’s self esteem, has allowed for genuine economic empowerment or that it has increased women’s bargaining position at household and community levels as a result of improved social recognition.

As part of its transition from a tsunami response program to one focusing on long-term development, and with regard to its on going commitment to gender equality, Oxfam GB Aceh and Nias tsunami response programme would like to conduct research on women’s economic empowerment.

The research will include a statistical gender analysis as well as a field research on Nias Island and in Aceh Jaya.


The overall goal of this research is to contribute to women and men economic equality by influencing public policy and programming.
Specific objectives:
– To gather statistical analysis on unemployment, paid, unpaid and reproductive work as well as on the various forms of occupation and income generating activities that women and men are involved in both in agriculture, small trade and services
– To identify the personal and social impacts of paid, unpaid and reproductive work on women in terms of self esteem, economic empowerment and decision making within the household and the community
– To analyse the socio cultural issues that affect women and men’s access and control over resources and benefits
– To guide the direction of advocacy in an effort to strengthen and acknowledge women and men’s economic roles; to inform strategies for a policy and institutional environment that promotes economic equality
– To allow partners and programs to base their actions on proper gender analysis


The consultant should have a high level of expertise on conducting sociological analysis within economic sectors and prove an in depth sensitivity to social and structural dynamics affecting female economic empowerment.

S/he should have a proven experience in participatory research and data analysis methodologies and a disciplinary approach in sociology, anthropology or economics.
The consultant would preferably have combined academic and field experience. Previous knowledge of Aceh and Nias context and mastery of Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Aceh or Bahasa Nias would be a strong advantage.

The consultant would be expected to be available last week of July. The field research would be conducted in August until mid September.

Applicants are invited to send their cover letter, CV and writing sample by the 5th of July 2007 to Delphine Brun, gender coordinator:, with copy to Only selected candidates will be contacted.
Vacancies Contact
Delphine Brun, gender coordinator: (with copy to Risa Yudhiana:

Reference Code: RW_746BVK-35


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