Consultants (UNDP)


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Location: Indonesia
Closing date: 10 Aug 2007

Job Description


UNDP Indonesia invites National and International individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing consulting services in Indonesia and its regions for UNDP supported development programmes. Interested consultants should follow on-line registration procedure and upload necessary required information to be included onto the Roster Database.

Qualified consultants in the identified areas of expertise can be further contracted by UNDP Indonesia to provide required services in the context of development programmes being and to be implemented in the country. Contracting the individual consultants will be done in line with UNDP procurement rules.


* Livelihood specialist in rural and small businesses
* Port engineers – supervision of contracts ($5 – $15M) for port construction
* Port structural engineers – review designs of cargo, ferry and fishing ports
* Economists – transport economist for undertaking cost/benefit studies of ports
* Environmental Advisers –undertaking EIAs, EMPs that meet UN and World Bank guidelines.
* CSO/Community Development Specialist – capacity building of small local NGOs and CSOs; community development; livelihoods;
* Training Specialist – training of local CSs, NGOs; developing TNAs; evaluating impact of training programme.
* Monitoring specialist – developing of M&E framework for local NGOs and CSOs; livelihoods.
* Environmental Management – land fill waste sites, preparing EIAs, EMPs that meet UN and World Bank guidelines.
* Waste Management – experience in developing country context, monitoring and evaluating waste management programmes.
* Livelihoods with particular focus on waste management related livelihoods, e.g. recycling waste
* Gender – undertaking gender assessments
* Civil Engineering (engineering for development) design and construction of landfills, construction supervision and contracts management in particular
* Socio Economics – cost benefit analysis of waste management programmes, economic studies of waste management progammes and livelihoods.
* Cultural heritage/ archaeology – undertake cultural assessments that meet UN and World Bank guidelines
* Road engineers – civil engineers with experience in supervising road works
* Decentralization expert – developing country experience in decentralization
* Public sector reform experts – restructuring public service, procurement, human resources, financial management
* Researchers on informal justice providers and customary law
* Capacity building specialists for the formal judicial system and informal justice providers to undertake a detailed needs-assessment and develop an action plan for supporting the justice sector;
* Information management specialists for establishing electronic case management and a filing system for the judiciary;
* Specialists on anti-corruption training for law-enforcement agencies;
* Research director/ coordinator to support the establishment of an applied justice resource centre
* Surveys/Assessments
* Livelihoods recovery (SMEs, Microfinance, agriculture, Fisheries)
* Skills training
* Engineering designs
* Construction Supervision
* Media development
* Gender assessments
* Capacity building
* Monitoring and evaluation
* Energy
* Water and sewerage

Please note that all posts above should have either a Master degree with min 5 years experience or BA with min 8 years of experience. The individual consultants will be considered eligible if they meet one of the criteria.
Vacancies Contact
Eligible individual consultants can submit their CVs and other information through on-line going to: (Roster link on the left side). The Expression of Interests will be accepted until 10 August 2007.

Reference Code: RW_72ZG5H-78


One Response to Consultants (UNDP)

  1. K.Ilangovan berkata:

    I am a director of Aqua clinic centre, India.
    I have 15 years experiences in 12 kinds of aquaculture related livelihood programme.
    Through our centre we are giving small aquaculture entreprenuership programme like Hygienic fish processing ,Fish by product preparation, seaweed culture, Marine ornamental fish rearing , Eco-tourism, Emertgency rescue training programme etc, .
    I want short term consultancy service to all over coastal people as additional income generating activities and upfift the their social economic activites.

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