National Policy / Institutional Consultant (Aceh; FAO)

National Policy / Institutional Consultant

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Rehabilitation Support Coordination Unit (RSCU)

Location: Indonesia (Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Sumatra)
Closing date: 06 Sep 2007

Job Description

Under the overall supervision of the Chief, TCEO, the general supervision of the FAO Representative for Indonesia and the Senior Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator, the overall operational supervision of the Deputy Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator, the technical supervision of the FAO Chief Technical Officer for Fisheries in Indonesia and the direct supervision of the International Project Manager, in close cooperation with other FAO international and national consultants in the Rehabilitation Support and Coordination Unit in Banda Aceh, the National Policy / Institutional Consultant will perform the following duties, which are directly related to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the fisheries sector in the earthquake and tsunami affected areas of Aceh Province.

* Compile, review and analyse existing, available, documentation on fisheries registration and licensing laws and systems for fishing vessels for each authority level of government (National, Provincial and District);

* Collect and analyse additional information, if required, on legislation on comparable registration schemes (e.g. vehicles);

* Assist the government of Aceh in drafting legislation / regulation for fishing boat registration on the provincial and district level;

* Assist the Bupati of selected districts and the District Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) in formulating the local decrees required for the introduction of a fishing vessel identification and registration system;

* Assist the Project Manager and the National Boat Registration consultant in their coordination with MMAF and the Dinas’ Perikanan on the implementation of the boat registration pilot project;

* Actively engage in information provision, lobbying and awareness building for boat registration and herein work closely with the National Boat Registration Consultant, the Bupati, village heads, fishers and Panglima Laot to disseminate information on the expected benefits to fishers and management;

* Perform any other related duties on the direction of the CTO-Fisheries and/or the Project Manager as required.


Prepare a monthly progress reports detailing the activities undertaken. At completion of the consultancy the consultant will prepare a technical report describing activities undertaken, problems and achievements, conclusions, lessons learned, and recommendations.


The applicant should hold a University degree in Law and have 5 years of professional experience. Experience in the design, development and implementation of registration and licensing systems, preferably in the fisheries sector, will be an asset.

Period of contract:

This contract can be split in up to 3 assignments; a first assignment of 1-2 months, followed by one or two additional assignments of each one month.


The responsibility for a medical examination will be that of the incumbent


English language at a working level will be an asset. Strong interpersonal skills. Able to work in multi-cultural environment and in the field.
Vacancies Contact with CC to:

Reference Code: RW_73W42F-78


3 Responses to National Policy / Institutional Consultant (Aceh; FAO)

  1. fathoni septiawan berkata:

    salam sejahtera

    teriring salam sejahtera, untuk teman teman banyak terlibat secara kerelawan dalam bidang pangan dan pertani. mohon informasinya terkait kerelawan.

  2. Nama saya Eka Dharma Putra Fao. Saya lahir di Bengkulu pada tanggal 16 Oktober 1985. Saya adalah seorang Mahasiswa pada Fakultas Teknik Jurusan Lingkungan Universitas Serambi Banda Aceh. Saya mohon Beasiswa pendidikan kepada UN-FAO.
    Demikian, Terimakasih

  3. rico berkata:

    apa ada informasi tentang para relawan tersebut?

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